Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happy Days~

There has been a long wait for these days to arrive.. Days where my husband no longer had to study, but got to be part of our family again! He was in nursing school for 5 years, and lets just say, we did not get to see him much. In those four-five years, we got married, had a child, had a miscarriage, moved 5 times, and clearly just tried to function happily :)

I did daycare in our home, and had 5-6 little's, under the age of 2. I love each and everyone of them so much, but the nights got long. After having small children all day, then doing night routine with Zoey every night alone, it would get lonely.But I never gave up hope, because I knew someday it would be different. Someday, we would be a whole family again. I would lay next to Zoey at night, after she finally went to sleep and would just be in awe, at the wonder of how special God made her. She never stopped smiling, even when our houses just kept getting smaller, and her toys seemed to keep going to storage. She is the greatest gift we ever received! God truly gave us a little miracle.

So, five years later, we celebrate this new change of life. Derek graduated with honors, and has already got his first nursing job! It is incredibly exciting to ask him to go for a walk with us, and hear him say yes!! Not that he did not want to go with us before, he just always had to write a paper or study for a test. Now when he is not working, he is a wonderful daddy and an amazing husband!

So thankful for this change, and we are relishing in every moment that we have! We may  not have had a summer together, but we sure can enjoy every bit of fall that we get here in Montana :)

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