Monday, April 8, 2013

Life On The Farm

These last few months, Zoey and I have been able to spend a lot of time at my parents place. They live on 32 acres on the outskirts of a beautiful little town called Paradise. When my aunt Shirley was still with us, we tried to make the drive at least once a week to visit. Now that she is gone, I have this longing to be home, closer to where so many memories of her have taken place and spend more time with my family.

Zoey, has decided she is a farm girl. She wakes up earlier, and is immediately ready to go outside and check on the goats, see the horses, feed the birds or go with Pa to see if there are any new baby calves. There is always something going on, and when all is quiet and fast asleep, you can still hear the owls and crickets making their own music.

My heart and soul have missed my auntie more than I even imagined. There are times tears just start rolling and I have to busy myself so Zoey does not worry about her momma. I know tears are all apart of healing, I just feel guilty when my sweet girl looks at me and doesn't know what is wrong. So for me, being on the farm has helped my heart in so many ways. I love new life and the smell of fresh rain. When we were up there this weekend, we saw shooting stars and yellow bells, two of the spring flowers I just love! We take lots of walks, as a request from Zo Bug, but it is good for all of us.

The one thing that happened this last time we were visiting that really touched me was when a bird hit the window a little too hard. My Mother said she tries to go out and get them so a cat does not take off with them, because often they are just stunned. But this little birdie was not going to wake up. So my Mother brought it in and let Zoey see it. She pet it and tried to give it some of her ginger ale :) Nothing like a sweet baby girl trying to make a very sleepy little birdie come back to life. She has such a sweet little heart, and is always trying to share or blow kisses to one of the animals. I hope that sweetness never changes.