Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year~

There is no better thing then taking a moment to look back at the last year and realizing how amazing God has been. We have had so many blessings and my heart is so full.

Derek only has three more semesters to go, we are counting down! Can't wait to be done with school and just be a family! I am so proud of how hard he works at it though and his desire to do well, so he can provide for our family! I am so blessed!

Having Zoey has been my absolute dream come true, but everyday, she just keeps changing and my love keeps growing.
  • She is so full of life and love. 
  • She has the sweetest smile
  • my heart melts every time she looks at me. 
  • She has been sick the last two weeks and it was so hard to see her feel so icky, but it did not slow her down from having a wonderful Christmas! 
  • She absolutely loves unwrapping presents!

  • I am determined to blog more this year, 
  • i know it is just for me to read, but It has really helped me. 
  • Now if I can just get in a routine of doing it more often. I kind of got hung up after the tragedy in CT. I wanted to write, but words don't even make sense for it. 
  • I will try to write about it later, but Happy New Year, if anyone else reads this! Much love and such a neat thing to have a fresh start to 2013 in so many ways. We can be recharged spiritually, mentally and so many other ways! Excited for a fun year ahead with my sweet little family, God is Good!!