Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Just a random post.. about a Nana and a baby

My mother says Zoey is such a "first child". She had to have every little ounce of paper off the present before she could even look at what it was.. and if there is a sticker stuck on something, she wants it off.. if her sleeves are too long, get them up!! Just cracks me up. There is something about Zoey and my Mother that is just fun to watch. I am sure it is because my Mother was there when she was born, and made such a huge effort to come see her, even when she had to drive 4 hrs to see us in Bozeman.. but anyways, Zoey has a love for her that is so precious. When she sees her walk in the door, she runs as fast as her little legs will take her,  straight to her and wraps her arms around her! so sweet to see! I have always been pretty fond of my Mother as well, but seeing my baby get to love on her is priceless!
Guess there is something between a Nana and a baby girl that is more special than we know. I had a wonderful grandma as well. I have so many amazing memories I hold on to. ZOey is making new ones with her Nana all the time. When Aunt Shirley was in the hospital, we came and spent a week. Then we came home to regroup, get more clothes and give Nana a breather. We barely get home and Zoey goes to the door and says Nana, Pa... needless to say, she was ready to go again :) I feel so lucky to have such amazing parents that want to be a huge part of our lives! It means so much .