Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fresh Start

Moving is always hard for us.. mostly, because you leave behind some of your favorite things that become comfort zones to you. That is what we did when we left Bozeman. We left a church that we were married at, had a child, and started new ventures in life with. The move to Missoula was so good for us in so many ways. We got to spend once a week dinner nights with Aunt Shirley before she went to heaven and we get to see our family so much more! Zoey is crazy about her Nanny and Pa and even though she saw them about once a month, now it is more common to see them once a week :) and we love it. And she gets to see her Granny too, so she is a lucky girl. All the good things are amazing, but Derek and I have struggled to find a home church to settle into and be us.
Well, today we ventured out and went to a new one! It was a total success. Zoey  absolutely loved Kids Church and didn't want to leave. Aunt Shirley use to say how awesome she thought it was for a worry wart mother like me, to let ZOey go to the nursery and me actually hear what is being preached. I must say, it is not the easiest thing I have done... I still look at my phone many times, making sure I haven't missed a call from them saying she is crying :)  but today, we were all at ease. She loved it from the start and Derek and I just felt a peace about it. We have had the normal struggle s that come along with life, finances, marriage and all that goes with it. So to find this was a huge deal for me. I know everyone has there struggles, but nursing school and a im home daycare are two very stressful worlds sometimes :)  We are going to be stronger for what we have gone through, and that I am sure!
All that to say this, today I am so grateful for my precious little family God gave me. I have wanted a child since I was about 3 years old.. and God gave me the sweetest, most spunky little girl ever created! We are so blessed. She adds so much to our life and I am ever grateful for her little life. I love to watch her grow and become her own little being everyday. She has just started bargaining with me and I can hardly keep a straight face :) When it is time to go to bed and I am about to turn the light out, she will hold her little finger up and say, "mommy, just one more little tiny book ok , please " just one more :)
How can I say no to that??? She is precious and the best little blessing we could have ever been given! Going to write more of what I am thankful for as the month goes on. Sorry for my scattered writing today, just needed to get thoughts off my mind. We have so much to be thankful for, and family is the best gift God could give us!

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