Thursday, October 3, 2013


Well, it has been way over due for me to get on here and actually write something... there has been a slight mind block, since my auntie went to heaven. I just couldn't find the words to say, so I said nothing at all.. When I first started blogging, I was telling her about it and she thought it was so cool.. She said ya, Kim does it too, wish I knew how to do it : )  Well now she doesn't need to blog.. but I bet she is one busy lady up there rearranging stuff and taking care of everyone pain free!! All of us who have lost little babies , no matter how far along, I know she is watching over them.. The other day it thundered... and Zoey gets so worried, I told her not to worry, it was just auntie shirwee changing the furniture around. She is making things pretty for Jesus :) She liked that and went along with what she was doing.. We have a plant from her funeral and Zoey tells everyone that it is aunt shirwee's plant and rocks :)  She would be proud!  We sure do miss her, daily, hourly, but the one thing that makes it ok is, she is no longer suffering and having to fight everyday for life... she did that for so long..

On a different note, Zoey started life saving swim lessons, aka ISR... She is only on her 3rd session and the teacher already let go of her and she floated for a minute on her own!! So proud of her.. She also let go of her and she swam to the side and grabbed the monkey bar!! Amazing!!! The teacher rocks! Zoey still cries every time she comes out of the water, but stops to listen to directions and do what she tells her. Makes this mommy proud. It is not fun to hear that cry for mommy, but it makes my heart happy she is learning something that could save her life! To me, that is what matters. Aunt Shirley would often call me at night, just to see if I emptied the water after Zoey's bath! I think about it every time I get her out and pull the plug! She was so afraid she would fall in.

This post is a bit of jabbering and all over the place, but I just wanted to get started.. just had to write and get my mind off things. I have 4 babies I am watching today and they are all sleeping at once! I call that a complete miracle!!!  Thank you Jesus :) 

Please bare with the plain color and bad font. My computer has a bug and won't let me do anything.. going to get it fixed and get some pics posted on here asap! 


  1. What sweet words Marcie :) Mom loved you so very much and still here with us and watching over all of us !!! We are so lucky we had her for 5 years longer. ... Zoeys pictures Are so cute and I love the one with mom <3 have a fun weekend <3

  2. oh tthis is awesome marcie.. its not plain or bad font, its the beginning.. maybe kim and you can give me some lessons..i hate my page color...going to work on it... yes aunt shirley worried over that bath tub being full all the time... yes i miss her so much,,, yes i love you...